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The Return of the Little Prince

You can keep The Return of the Little Prince as part of the follow-on of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry´s The Little Prince, if you so desire.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry disappeared in his reconnaissance flight on 31 July 1944.

The Return of the Little Prince began to appear on blog on 25 January 2009 with unexpected technical difficulties. However 28. Chapter was realeased on 2 February 2009 and 29. Chapter on 9 February 2009.

I was quite a serious accident in March 2009. Writing brought me pain. Now, in September I shall continue where I stayed in March. I will try to complete the text, if my head take some pain.

This blog´s first draft was rewritten according the original letter to Antoine in Tenerife in February 2007. 

When I returned to Finland, I thought that I will not tell the other facing of the little prince, because I was those days in a very important work. In addition, I have lived too long with grown-up adults and I have seen them very close. However, they would not have believed me.

My thoughts of grown-up adults have not much improved. The original letter to Antoine contained almost all the discussions with the little prince in the spring of 1995 nearby Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.

The Return of the Little Prince is not complete without a drawn and painted images. So I have to apologize that I can´t even compine text  and images. Drawings and paintings are not good, because I had to stop a promising career as a painter as a child.

I will try very hard.

The author

Ps. 1. Press the "Kuva-albumi" button. See all the pictures: One picture is more than a thousand words.

Ps. 2. The Return of the Little Prince is coming in English soon.. Perhaps in 2011. Since that, try google translator. It´s not complete. Perhaps funny.

Ps 3. The Little Prince and the Inka´s Treasure. The Part 3 of the Trilogy of The Little Prince.

Ps. 4. Kenneth Morelius